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Title: A/Professor
First Name: James
Surname: Bourne
Position: Group Leader, NHMRC RD Wright Fellow
Group: Bourne
Phone No: +61 3 9902 9622
Mobile No: +61 425 725 399
Email Address:
Research Interests: Development and maturation of the cerebral cortex
The primary focus of the group is the development and maturation of the cerebral cortex of primates and other mammals.  The adult cerebral cortex is formed as a mosaic of interconnected areas, but how the multiple of areas emerge seamlessly during ontogenesis and establish connections with other brain areas has yet to be determined.  

In order to address these issues, the laboratory has been focussing on the development of the visual cortex, which includes areas that are responsible for visual perception and visual guidance of behaviour.  

Understanding the early development of this important region will elucidate mechanisms that are relevant not only for understanding normal brain function, but also for clarifying the functional bases of disturbances of visual perception that emerge as a consequence of perinatal lesions (eg those associated with premature delivery, complications during labour, childhood accidents), abnormal visual experience in childhood, and neurological diseases.
Biography:A/Professor James Bourne completed his undergraduate degree at Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London and his PhD in Neuropharmacology at King’s College, London, before moving to Australia to undertake a Postdoctoral position. In 2003 he was awarded an ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship, then in 2007 an NHMRC RD Wright (CDA II). In the same year he also received an NHMRC Award for Excellence in Health and Medical Research.  A/Professor Bourne now has his own group in the newly established Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute focussing on the development and repair of the mammalian visual cortex; looking at this from the cell through to the system.
Selected Publications:Rosa MGP, Palmer SM, Gamberini M, Burman KJ, Yu HH, Reser DH, Bourne JA, Tweedale R, Galletti C (2009) Connections of the dorsomedial visual area: pathways for early integration of dorsal and ventral streams in extrastriate cortex. J Neurosci 29: 4548-4563 (Impact factor = 8.3)

Sia Y, Bourne JA (2008) The rat temporal association area (Te2) comprises two subdivisions that are visually responsive and develop independently. Neuroscience 156:118-128 (Impact factor = 3.5).

Lui LL, Bourne JA, Rosa MGP (2007) Spatial and temporal frequency selectivity of neurones in the middle temporal visual area of new world monkeys (Callithrix jacchus) Eur J Neurosci 25: 1780-1792. (Impact factor = 3.9).

Burman KJ, Lui L, Rosa MGP, Bourne JA (2007) Development of non-phosphorylated neurofilament protein expression in neurones of the New World monkey dorsolateral frontal cortex. Eur J Neurosci 25: 1767-1679 (Impact factor = 3.9).

Lui L, Bourne JA, Rosa MGP (2007) Spatial summation, end- and side-inhibition in the  Middle temporal visual area.  J Neurophysiol 97: 1135-1148 (Impact factor = 3.6).

Bourne JA, Warner CE, Upton DJ, Rosa MGP (2007) Chemoarchitecture of the middle temporal visual area in the marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus): Laminar distribution of calcium-binding proteins (calbindin, parvalbumin) and nonphosphorylated neurofilament. J Comp Neurol 500: 832-849 (Impact factor = 3.7).

Bourne JA, Rosa MGP (2006) Hierarchical development of the primate visual cortex, as revealed by neurofilament immunoreactivity: early maturation of the middle temporal area (MT).  Cereb Cortex 16: 405-414 (Impact factor=6.2).

Lui L, Bourne JA, Rosa MGP (2006) Functional response properties of neurons in the dorsomedial visual area of New World monkeys (Callithrix jacchus).  Cereb Cortex 16: 162-177 (Impact Factor = 6.2).

Bourne JA, Warner CE, Rosa MGP (2005) Topographic and laminar maturation of striate cortex in early postnatal marmoset monkeys, as revealed by neurofilament immunohistochemistry. Cereb  Cortex 15: 740-748(Impact factor=6.2).

Rosa MGP, Palmer SM, Gamberini M, Tweedale R, Pinon MC, Bourne JA (2005) Resolving the organisation of the New World monkey third visual complex:  The dorsal extrastriate cortex of the marmoset (Callithrix jacchus). J Comp Neurol 483: 164-191 (Impact Factor = 3.7).
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