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Title: Professor
First Name: Peter
Surname: Currie
Position: Deputy Director
Group: Currie
Phone No: +61 3 9902 9602
Email Address:
Research Interests: Zebrafish muscle development and evolution.
Muscle regeneration.
Biography:Peter D. Currie received his Ph.D. in Drosophila genetics from Syracuse University, New York, USA. He undertook postdoctoral training in zebrafish development at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK) in London, UK. He has worked as an independent laboratory head at the UK Medical Research Council Human Genetics Unit in Edinburgh, UK, and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney, Australia, where he headed a research programme focused on skeletal muscle development and regeneration.  His work is centre on understanding how the small fresh water zebrafish is able to build and regenerate both skeletal and cardiac muscle. He has recently been appointed deputy director of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He is a recipient of a European Molecular Biology Organization Young Investigators Award and a Wellcome Trust International Research Fellowship, and currently is a senior research fellow with the National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia.

Selected Publications:Neyt C, Jagla K, Thisse C, Thisse B, Haines L, Currie PD. Evolutionary origins of vertebrate appendicular muscle. Nature 2000; 408:82-86  PMID: 11081511

Bassett DI, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Daggett DF, Gautier P, Keenan DG, Currie PD. Dystrophin is required for the formation of stable muscle attachments in the zebrafish embryo. Development 2003; 130:5851-60.  PMID: 14573513

Cortés F, Daggett D, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Neyt C, Maule M, Gautier P, Hollway GE, Keenan D, Currie PD. Cadherin-mediated differential cell adhesion controls slow muscle cell migration in the developing zebrafish myotome. Dev Cell 2003; 5:865-76.  PMID: 14667409

Daggett DF, Boyd CA, Gautier P, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Thisse C, Thisse B, Amacher SL, Currie PD. Developmentally restricted actin-regulatory molecules control morphogenetic cell movements in the zebrafish gastrula. Curr Biol 2004; 14:1632-38. 
PMID: 15380064

Bryson-Richardson RJ, Currie PD. Optical projection tomography for spatio-temporal analysis in the zebrafish. Methods Cell Biol 2004; 76:37-50. 
PMID: 15602870

Hollway GE, Maule J, Gautier P, Evans TM, Keenan DG, Lohs C, Fischer D, Wicking C, Currie PD. Scube2 mediates Hedgehog signalling in the zebrafish embryo. Dev Biol 2006; 294(1):104-18.  PMID: 16626681

Svetic V, Hollway GE, Elworthy S, Chipperfield TR, Davison C, Adams RJ, Eisen JS, Ingham PW, Currie PD, Kelsh RN. Sdf1a patterns zebrafish melanophores and links the somite and melanophore pattern defects in choker mutants. Development 2007; 134:1011-22.  Joint first authored contribution (G E H) from the Currie laboratory.  PMID: 17267445

Haines L, Neyt C, Gautier P, Keenan DG, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Hollway GE, Cole NJ, Currie PD. Met and Hgf signaling controls hypaxial muscle and lateral line development in the zebrafish. Development 2004; 131:4857-69.  PMID: 15342468

Bryson-Richardson RJ, Daggett DF, Cortes F, Neyt C, Keenan DG, Currie PD. Myosin heavy chain expression in zebrafish and slow muscle composition. Dev Dyn 2005; 233:1018-22. 
PMID: 15830374

Hollway GE, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Berger S, Cole NJ, Hall TE, Currie PD. Whole-somite rotation generates muscle progenitor cell compartments in the developing zebrafish embryo. Developmental Cell 2007; 12:207-19.  PMID: 17276339

Hall TE, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Berger S, Jacoby AS, Cole NJ, Hollway GE, Berger J and Currie PD. The zebrafish candyfloss mutant implicates extracellular matrix adhesion failure in laminin alpha2 deficient congenital muscular dystrophy. PNAS  2007; 104:7092-7.  PMID: 17438294

Lieschke GJ, Currie PD. Animal models of human disease: zebrafish swim into view. Nature Rev Genet. 2007; 8:353-67.  PMID: 17440532

Berger J. and Currie PD. The role of zebrafish in chemical genetics. Current Medicinal Chemistry 2007; 14:2413-20.  PMID: 17896989
Cole N. J. and Currie PD. Insights from sharks: Evolutionary and developmental models of fin developmentDevelopmental Dynamics 2007; 236:2421-31. PMID: 17676641

Bryson Richardson RJ and Currie PD. The genetics of vertebrate myogenesis Nat Rev Genet 2008 9:632-46.

Bryson-Richardson RB, Berger S, Schilling TF, Hall TE, Cole NJ, Gibson AJ, Sharpe J and Currie PD. FishNet: an online database of zebrafish anatomyBMC Biology 2007; Aug 17;5:34. Featured Article at BMC.  PMID: 17705855

Jacoby AS, Busch-Nentwich E, Bryson-Richardson RJ, Hall TE, Berger J, Berger S, Sonntag C, Sachs C, Geisler R, Stemple DL, Currie PD. (2009). The zebrafish dystrophic mutant softy maintains muscle fibre viability despite basement membrane rupture and muscle detachment. Development. 136:3367-76  PMID: 19736328
Other Info:Funding acknowledgements
  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association, USA
  • Australian Research Council
  • Human Frontiers Science Program
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