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Title: Dr
First Name: Catherine Anne
Surname: Boisvert
Position: Research Fellow
Group: Currie
Phone No: +61 3 9902 9642
Email Address:
Research Interests: •    Palaeontology
•    Comparative anatomy and development
•    D imaging (Computer tomography, micro-CT, Optical Tomography, Synchrotron)
•    Evolution of morphological transitions during the fish tetrapod transition
•    Evoltion of morphological novelties at the gnathostome stem
•    Development and genetic mechanisms for the formation of the girdles.
Biography:Dr Boisvert completed her undergraduate diploma at McGill University, Canada. She undertook a Masters degree on Moderm salamander skeletal development under the supervision of Prof Robert R Carroll at the Redpath Museum, McGill University. She moved to Sweden to work on the fish-tetrapod transition from both a palaeontological and developmental angle. She completed her PhD under the supervision of Prof Per Ahlberg before moving to ARMI in 2009. She held a Human Frontiers Cross-disciplinary Fellowship from 2009-2012.
Selected Publications:Cole, Nicholas J.; Hall, Thomas H.; Berger, Silke; Boisvert, Catherine Anne; Neyt, Caroline; Ericsson, Rolf; Joss, Jean; Don, Emily; Gurevich, David B; Currie, Peter D. 2011 Development and evolution of the muscles of the pelvic fin. PloS
PMID: 21990962

Boisvert CA
. 2009 The humerus of Panderichthys in three-dimensions and its significance in the context of the fish-tetrapod transition.
In: Ahlberg PE, Blom H, Boisvert CA editors. Forty Years of Early
Vertebrates: papers from the 11th International Symposium on Early and Lower Vertebrates. Uppsala: Blackwell.
Acta Zoologica special issue, supplement to Vol. 90.

Ahlberg, P. E, Blom, H. and Boisvert, C A (eds) Acta Zoologica special volume: Symposium volume, 11th International Symposium on Early Vertebrates

Boisvert, C A. 2009 Vertebral development of modern salamanders provides insights into a unique event of their evolutionary history. Journal of experimental zoology Part B (Mol Dev Evol) 312(1): 1-29. 
PMID: 19025964

Boisvert, CA, Mark-Kurik, E, Ahlberg, P E. 2008. The pectoral fin of Panderichthys and the origin of digits. Nature 456(7222):636-8 
PMID: 18806778

Johanson, Z.; Joss, J.; Boisvert, C, Ericsson, R.; Sutija, M.; Ahlberg,P. E. 2007. Fish fingers: Digit homologues in sarcopterygian fish fins. Journal of experimental zoology Part B (Mol Dev Evol) 308B (6): 757-768  PMID:  17849442

Clément, G.; Boisvert, C A 2006. Lohest's true and false "Devonian amphibians": Evidence for the Rhynchodipterid lungfish Soederberghia in the Fammennian of Belgium. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 26:276-283

Boisvert, C A. 2005. The pelvic fin and girdle of Panderichthys and the origin of tetrapod locomotion. Nature. 438(7071):1145-1147

Carroll, R.L.; Boisvert, C.; Bolt, J.; Green, D.M., Philips, N.; Rolian, C.; Schoch, R.; Tarenko, A. 2004. Changing patterns of ontogeny from osteolepiform fish through Permian tetrapods as a guide to the early evolution of land vertebrates in Arratia, Gloria, Wilson, Mark V.H. and Cloutier, Richard (eds), Recent advances in the origin and early radiation of vertebrates, Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil
Other Info:My research focuses on morphological transformation during major diversification and evolutionary events and the mechanisms that underlie them. I focus mainly on the origins of the gnathostome body plan, the fish-tetrapod transition as well as the diversification of the first tetrapods and the major groups of amphibians. I use morphology taken in a phylogenetic framework both from fossils and extant forms as a starting point for my studies encompassing paleontology, developmental biology and genetics in order to provide more information about the origin and evolution of a particular morphology.
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