What we do

FishCore supplies and houses zebrafish used by researchers to model a variety of human diseases and conditions.

Zebrafish are used to model human diseases and conditions to improve our understanding of how the body regenerates. They have become a key tool in regenerative medicine research because of a number genetic advantages.

FishCore provide wild type zebrafish as well as genetically modified and mutant strains. The facility is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere, with 1000 quarantine and 5200 non-quarantine tanks and has the capacity to meet the needs of ARMI, Monash University and the external biomedical research community.

Other services

In addition to the aquarium facilities, FishCore has a phenotyping laboratory with the infrastructure necessary for phenotypic analyses, embryonic and adult fish manipulation and generation of transgenic animals.

 It also has microscopes with microinjection apparatus, dedicated confocal microscopy for time- lapse analysis of live animals, and the equipment for laser ablation and single-cell labelling.

Water quality

FishCore have filtration and disinfectant systems in place to ensure the zebrafish are receiving optimal care. These systems provide an environment that is ideal for the zebrafish and which removes harmful pathogenic micro organisms.

FishCore is certified to a Physical Containment level 2 (PC2) by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator. It has a large AQIS-approved zebrafish quarantine facility and provides infrastructure and knowhow for imports of zebrafish for laboratories in Australia.

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