The Marcelle Group is interested in understanding how functional skeletal muscle arises from a group of unspecialised mesodermal cells. They do this by studying chick and mouse embryos during the first few days of development.

This period is crucial to development because the fate of individual cells are decided, extensive cell migration occurs and tightly regulated cell division takes place. 

The focus of the group is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms at play during this complex process. 


The group has three main aims with their research:

  • Observe the cellular events that take place during muscle formation
  • Understand the molecular mechanisms underlying muscle fusion
  • Identify gene networks implicated in the maintenance and differentiation of muscle stem cells.


Marcelle group photos
  • How the process of morphogenesis of skeletal muscles is regulated at a cellular and molecular level
  • Identifying putative candidate genes important in fusion
  • Defining a core gene network governing “stem-cellness” in muscle.

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