Hakan started his PhD in 2015 at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute. Under the supervision of Peter Currie and Joachim Berger, Hakan's project investigates the role of sarcomere assembly in the pathology of congenital muscle disorders. Hakan is also a recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award and the WebContacts Scholarship in 2015.

Published In
Tarakci H, Berger J.
The sarcoglycan complex in skeletal muscle
Frontiers In Bioscience, Landmark, 21, 744-756, January 1, 2016
Berger J, Tarakci H, Berger S, Li M, Hall TE, Arner A, Currie PD.
Loss of tropomodulin4 in the zebrafish mutant träge causes cytoplasmic rod formation and muscle weakness reminiscent of nemaline myopathy
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