Staff Events

What: The "Ideator" is a new event for Monash all about generating ideas for spin out companies. ARMI has been working with the Generator team to use regenerative medicine as the most exciting point to start a life science company from and is leading this track of the hack.   

An immersive 27 hours tapping into essentials to build your start-up: mentorship, cofounders, training, resources and funding.

Come one come all – whether you want to spark a new idea or refine an existing one – whether you want to lead or join a team – whether you’re a ‘hacker’ or not – there is a valuable role for you to play!

There is no cost to participate - the ticket fee is a deposit, and will automatically be fully refunded when you collect your badge from the registration table.


We welcome any project that is a) awesome and b) fits into one of our tracks…

  • Life Science: Any life science-related project, including things like regenerative medicine, therapeutics, bionics, devices, diagnostics, and instrumentation
  • Small Business & Social Entrepreneurship: Any small business (e.g. fashion line, consultancy, food truck, app) or social enterprise (goal of improving human and environmental well-being)
  • Monash Challenge: Any IT-based solution to help Monash administration support and engage students, faculty and staff. Projects with relevance to eSolutions, Student Education Business Services and Monash Connect will get priority.

You don’t need to have ideas coming in. We welcome participants regardless of sector or technical knowledge – just bring enthusiasm and energy. You can only participate in one track, so when applying, select the track most relevant to you and your goals. If you have questions about which track is best for you, reach out (hyperlink to Contact Us page).

  • People: Any current Monash students (undergrad, postgrad), faculty and staff are welcome to participate. Whether you’ve got an idea you’re currently working on, are looking for inspiration, or have skills and elbow grease you want to contribute, this event is for you! Get access to awesome mentors, connect with other emerging entrepreneurs and take your startup to the next level. 
  • Ideas: Projects need to be in one of our three core tracks: Life Science, Small Business & Social Entrepreneurship or Monash Challenge. It doesn’t matter if your idea is a niggling in the back of your brain, a napkin sketch or a rough prototype. If you’ve made significant strides to reducing your idea to practice, you can still participate, but you’ll need to pitch a new component of your project that has not yet received significant time and financial resources. This keeps it a level playing field for all.

If your project doesn’t fit within one of these tracks or is at a different stage, reach out to find out about other programs to help you.

  • Ideate: We’ll kick off with seasoned experts to help clarify current pain points, identify white spaces, and give insights and lessons learned into how to start-up. Then there is a casual facilitated ideation session where anyone willing to lead a team puts up as many ideas as they want.
  • Form Teams: Good teams are what makes startups successful… a good idea can only get you so far. The experts will work together to narrow down the list of ideas to those that are workable within the hackathon framework, selecting 10 from each track. If your idea didn’t get through, join up with any of the 30 projects that will be hacked over the next 24 hours.
  • Hack: There will be coaches and mentors circling. There will be stations with specific elbow grease to help bring your idea to life – from rapid prototyping (physical and IT) to legal, and market intelligence to business model. There will be workshops to help teams understand how to position their idea within the market landscape and refine their pitch.
  • Pitch: Each team has 60 seconds to pitch their idea to a panel of seasoned angel investors. The top three teams from each track will get $500*, 6 months free office space in the GENERATOR’s incubator, INNOVATION ALLEY, automatic entry into Round 2 of the GENERATOR’s PITCH ORIGINATOR competition, and eligibility to apply for an additional $500 follow-on funding within 12 months of the hackathon.