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Nicolle Packer

Integrating technologies to make discoveries in glycobiology

Glycoproteomics is the study of the heterogeneity of glycans attached to the different sites on specific proteins. Researchers in proteomics often limit their analysis to identifying proteins by matching to DNA sequences, and tend to underestimate the importance of the glycosylation of these proteins. Glycomics
researchers on the other hand, can now routinely determine the detailed N- and O- linked glycan structures released globally from proteins in a site-unspecific manner.

This talk will, through various examples of glycomics and glycoproteomics analysis of purified and complex mixtures of glycoproteins, show how the combination of mass spectrometry based glycomics and glycoproteomics, together with the development of bioinformatics data analysis tools, can be used to discover changes in protein glycosylation that are associated with protein function, immunology and disease.