Staff Events

How can we find clarity and direction when faced with uncertain employment and complex career prospects? And how can we navigate between our own research and career interests, and group projects that depend on collaborating with others?

Following on from last December’s ‘surviving or thriving’ presentation, this seminar:

  • introduces some additional techniques that aim to assist in moving from defensive survival to active strategies for coping while preparing for new opportunities
  • describes how coaching can support us in dealing with uncertainty, complexity, road-blocks and change – and how a coaching mindset can help us support ourselves.

Dr Michael Muetzelfeldt has extensive experience as a leadership coach. This includes working with over 90 academics from Post Docs to Director of Centre for Excellence, along with several ARMI researchers. Before turning to coaching his academic career included professor of management with a focus on leadership and strategic management, foundation director of a research centre, and head of school.