Media Releases / 14 June 2016

Important findings in regenerative medicine feature in the initial content of a new online-only open access journal dedicated to this burgeoning research field.

The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University has published the first content for npj Regenerative Medicine this week. The online publication is a joint partnership between Monash and Springer Nature. 

Editor-in-Chief, Scientific Director at The Jackson Laboratory, Professor Nadia Rosenthal said that free access to articles would enable greater reach to the wider community. 

“npj Regenerative Medicine—a new Nature Partner Journal at the forefront of this rapidly growing research area—will enable researchers and clinicians alike to keep abreast of global developments in regenerative medicine.” Professor Rosenthal said.

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“Advances in our understanding of the regenerative process in model organisms have been powered by technological breakthroughs in stem cells, immune modulation and tissue engineering. These insights have prompted new approaches to designing therapies for restoring or replacing lost, damaged, or aging human cells and tissues.”  

“Regenerative medicine holds promise for an increasing number of individuals worldwide with chronic disability and organ dysfunction that reduce quality of life, and are largely refractory to therapy. The study of regenerative medicine has the potential to help scientists and clinicians devise early-intervention treatments for traumatic injury or degenerative diseases.”

“The goal of npj Regenerative Medicine is to track, inform and inspire accelerated discovery in this fast-moving field to foster clinical translation.”

Director of ARMI Professor Peter Currie said that establishing such a leading journal would highlight the promise of this emerging field, "The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is proud to be partnered with npj Regenerative Medicine in developing a flagship journal for our field.  Regenerative Medicine is a fast growing, cutting edge field of biomedical science that is generating high impact research across the globe.  In npj Regenerative Medicine we now have a journal that can capture and showcase the excitement and promise that this field holds. "

The launch content of npj Regenerative Medicine includes:

  • An Editorial by Professor Rosenthal, co-written with Deputy Editor Professor Stephen Badylak (Deputy Director, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine) outlining their vision for the journal
  • A Review of how the latest findings affect regenerative therapies for muscular dystrophies
  • A Meeting Report on the 2015 Comparative Biology of Tissue Repair, Regeneration, and Aging Symposium 
  • An Article outlining a new and effective technical approach that expands the prospects for genome editing of multiple genes in virtually any tissue, which has broad ramifications for genetic research and medical application. 
  • An Article describing how researchers from the UK, Spain and Australia have developed a gene-carrying viral therapy that can signal regeneration of heart tissue after a heart attack. 

The open access nature of the journal means that all published peer-reviewed articles are free to read and download, providing greater access for the wider community – from researchers to clinicians to the public.

The Managing Director of Springer Nature Australia was involved in early discussions with ARMI at Monash University to establish the journal. 

“We at Springer Nature Australia are delighted to see npj Regenerative Medicine go live. It seems only yesterday we began discussions of a potential partner journal with Monash’s ARMI,” Dr David Swinbanks said.

Martin Delahunty, Global Director of Nature Partner Journals, said it was exciting to see the launch content of npj Regenerative Medicine. 
“What is so exciting about these new journals is that in addition to publishing research they can serve as centrepieces for generating dialogue,” Mr Delahunty said.

“Being immediately and fully open access, authors’ research and opinion will have the widest global dissemination. Not only will the work be freely accessible and transcend traditional research boundaries but it will be freely reusable to help amplify its impact and reach.”

Nature Partner Journals Publisher, Dr Warren Raye, said npj Regenerative Medicine was one of the first Nature Partner Journals to be conceived when the portfolio was created two years ago.

“npj Regenerative Medicine is a cross-disciplinary journal that will bridge the gap between basic research and clinical medicine,” Dr Raye said.

“We want to ensure that clinicians and researchers can easily keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the rapidly changing field of regenerative medicine.”

npj Regenerative Medicine can be accessed via Content will be updated weekly.