BioEYES Australia

BioEYES Australia is an innovative, hands-on approach to teaching primary and secondary students about developmental biology, stem cells and regeneration. Over the course of a week, students watch the transparent eggs of zebrafish change from a single-celled zygote to a larval fish. Through school incursions facilitated by an outreach educator and university lecturers, students study the lifespan and development of zebrafish anatomy, habitat and genetics.

BioEYES Australia teaches life science skills while exciting children about the thrill of scientific discovery. Students are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills, learn to use zebrafish as a research model, perform collaborative experiments with classmates and study anatomy, circulation, respiration, genetics and habitat. BioEYES Australia aims to capture the inherent enthusiasm and excitement that students have for science while opening their minds to possible and fulfilling futures in this field. Moreover it is a powerful aid for teachers working within the Australian Curriculum.

BioEYES was created in the USA in 2002. More than 100,000 students in America and Australia have been involved in BioEYES since its inception. In 2010 ARMI introduced the BioEYES program to Australia in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM). Since then, each year over 2,000 students and teachers in and around Melbourne have participated in the program. The program has continually demonstrated its strengths in engaging all students, regardless of age, geographic location or desire to participate in science education. Indeed, BioEYES has been successfully integrated into classes from year 2 to year 12, with students continuously commenting that it has made them realise just how "interesting science can be!"

BioEYES Australia is currently seeking funding so that this innovative science outreach program can continue to engage and excite students. Additional funding will ensure that BioEYES will continue its success well into the future and provide us with the potential to expand our participation rates in the future.

What Students Say

"I learnt just how exciting and interesting science really is, especially when you are doing a hands on activity such as this. I learnt a lot about the zebrafish and also about cells, reproduction and how animals grow from just a little embryo to an animal."

- Year 10 student from John Monash Science School

“Doing BioEYES has inspired me and I have learnt that science can be really fun.”

– Grade 5 student from Parkhill Primary School

"The program was great! I loved it! It was the best science experiment I have done at school ever."

- Year 10 student from Mooroopna Secondary College

"BioEYES helped me think that science is actually useful!"

- Year 8 student from Kyneton Secondary College

“Before BioEYES I never knew that animals were used in science! But now I understand why they are important for research.”

– Grade 4 student from Caulfield Grammar School

"This program has opened my eyes to what science is really like and makes me want to pursue a career in biomedical science now!"

- Year 10 student from Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School

For more information contact:

Laura Reid
Outreach Education Coordinator
Phone: (03) 9902 0399              

Sharon Flecknoe


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