The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute officially opened on April 2009. It is a $153 million medical research centre based at the Monash University Clayton Campus. You can browse this section to learn about our Management team, Leadership Advisory Board, Scientific Advisory Board and learn more about the History of ARMI.

You can also read our booklet 'Discover, possibility: for a world free of disease and injury' to learn how regenerative medicine has been hailed as the next evolution of medical treatments.

An introduction from Director of Research, Professor Peter Currie:

Peter Currie headshot 2016

“Throughout life, our human bodies are vulnerable to disease, injury and, in some cases, congenital conditions that impair or shorten life.

With Australia’s ageing population, health issues such as heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s are on the rise. To tackle these challenges, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute is focused on regaining the body’s remarkable regenerative capacity of damaged tissues and organs that all people have before birth.

Investigating how the body repairs, replaces, restores or regenerates damaged tissues and organs could hold the key to help unlock the body’s own potential to heal and regenerate back to optimal health from an injury or disease.”

Professor Peter Currie, Director of Research, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute





Find out more about ARMI by watching the video below.


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