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11 Jul,2024

From Inspiration to Innovation: Raymond’s UROP Experience at ARMI

As one of the few non-biologists who have participated in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) program at ARMI, Raymond Zhang brought a unique skillset to match his unique experience as a UROP student. Studying a double degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and Science (majoring in Physics) at the time, Raymond was inspired […]

25 Jun,2024

Understanding How Real-Life Research Works: Joel’s UROP Journey at ARMI

Embarking on a journey through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is a transformative experience for many students, providing a unique blend of academic enrichment and practical experience. For Joel Whitcher, a passionate biomedical science student, UROP offered the perfect opportunity to dive into research that would both complement his studies and ignite his curiosity. […]

09 May,2024

Welcome Dr Dianne Ruka- ARMI’s Newest Institute Manager!

ARMI would like to warmly welcome Dr Dianne Ruka who has been recently appointed as Institute Manager! Dianne joins us with extensive experience in the higher education sector, including nine years with Monash University, having previously worked in the role of Centre Manager of the ARC Training Centre for Cell and Tissue Engineering Technologies within […]

23 Apr,2024

ARMI Student Meets Parliament

Dialogue between scientists and policy makers is fundamental in informing our country’s leaders on the latest challenges facing the sector, in supporting funding for research and in ensuring experts are heard when making decisions on important issues. “Science Meets Parliament” is an event where a program of tailored training is delivered “to forge deeper connections […]

05 Apr,2024

Wound healing is a billion dollar drain on the health system – this discovery hopes to plug it

Scientists have uncovered a key step in the wound healing process that becomes disabled in diseases like diabetes and ageing, contributing to a global healthcare cost of managing poorly healing wounds exceeding $250 billion a year. Importantly, the research published in Nature reveals a molecule involved in the healing of tissues that – when injected […]

26 Mar,2024

Women in STEM: Congratulations Hila!

Congratulations to ARMI researcher Dr Hila Barzilai-Tutsch from the Currie Group on being awarded a 2024 Advancing Women’s Success Grant from Monash University.  The grant will support the advancement of Hila’s career by providing access to funds that will allow her to continue her research alongside her carer responsibilities.  As part of a wider initiative […]

22 Mar,2024

ARMI Students to Gain New Ways to Connect, Relax and Be Invigorated

It is a truth universally acknowledged that being an Honours, Masters or PhD student in biomedical research can often be a treacherous experience. From managing coursework and deadlines, learning new techniques and developing skills, and even juggling part-time employment on top of conducting experiments, the one-to-three-year journey can be physically, intellectually and emotionally challenging. As […]

18 Mar,2024

Eye-opening BioEYES

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education at the primary and secondary school level is fundamental in developing critical thinking skills in early life and cultivating a passion for science. A robust and engaging STEM education can not only foster the next generation of brilliant minds to solve some of life’s biggest challenges, but it […]

07 Dec,2023

Professor Federico Calegari: Re-defining the Brain

In early 2024, ARMI will be welcoming its newest group leader to the Institute, Professor Federico Calegari. A leader in the endogenous neural stem cell (NSC) field, Federico (alias Fede) will be joining ARMI, jointly-affiliated group with the Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden at TU Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden) and will be starting his team […]

21 Nov,2023

ARMI’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee Launches First Ever Action Plan

ARMI’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee has launched the “Diversity & Inclusion 3-year Action Plan 2023–2025” today, outlining the current landscape and attitudes of the ARMI cohort, and the path forward to creating a stronger, more inclusive Institute. The Action Plan acknowledges and is informed by the voices of ARMI’s academic and professional staff, as well […]