Join the frontier of regenerative medicine research at ARMI

ARMI teams with international experts and state-of-the-art facilities to offer a broad and enriching postgraduate program. As one of the largest regenerative medicine and stem cell research hubs in the world, ARMI is at the cutting edge of the field, investing in novel technologies and techniques, and the most brilliant minds. Our network of local and international collaborations enables ARMI PhD students to not only discuss science with their peers, but to also experience science in a different environment. ARMI also has deep ties to the Australian and global regenerative medicine industry which has allowed us to facilitate mentoring programs and PhD placements, giving ARMI PhD students a unique opportunity to witness and be involved in the translation and commercialisation of novel treatments with the hope of delivering better health outcomes for patients.

A PhD at ARMI will provide students with advanced, internationally competitive research training in the exciting field of regenerative medicine.