14 Aug, 2018

Professor Andrew Furley

University of Sheffield

Adhesion-dependent modulation of signalling in neural differentiation, axon guidance and medulloblastoma


I studied Biological Sciences at Edinburgh University specialising in Molecular Biology for my Honours degree. After spending a year in the biotech industry at Biogen S.A. in Geneva, I returned to London to ICRF (Cancer Research UK) where I earned a Ph.D. in Leukemia Biology fom University College London.

From there I moved to Columbia University in New York where the focus of my post-doctoral work, supported by fellowships from the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, moved from immunology to developmental neurobiology.

I subsequently returned to the UK, to the MRC’s National Insitute for Medical Research at Mill Hill, before taking up a permanent position in the department of Biomedical Science at the University of Sheffield, where I am now Professor of Developmental Neuroscience.

My research is currently focussed on the role of neural adhesion molecules in intracellular trafficking as this relates to signalling in axon guidance, neural stem cells and brain tumours.

Special Speaker – Andrew Furley (PDF)