15 Oct, 2019

Luciano Martelotto

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre

Single Cell Genomics Day at ARMI


Single cell genomics is here to stay. Recent advances in molecular biology, microfluidics, and computational biology have created new ways to carry out discoveries, understand old paradigms and generate new questions.

In the past few years there has been technology has moved faster than our imaginations can keep up with. In particular for single cell analyses, there is one breakthrough technology invented today and then tomorrow’s researchers transform it into another we never imagined possible. This fast pace which has given rise to a multitude of molecular protocols, commercial systems, and computational challenges in a very short period of time. In this ‘bootcamp’ seminar I will provide you with an overview of exciting developments in the field of single cell genomics over the past year, with an emphasis on practical details and considerations.

The goal is not to fully describe the details of each method, but instead to highlight the rationale of each method and key ideas that gave rise to
them and provide you with use cases that can help motivate new users to get started.

Come and learn about cutting-edge molecular technologies including spatial transcriptomics profiling, single nucleus ATAC-seq, and multimodal approaches, get an overview of the recently developed computational techniques, including methods for data integration, organism-scale developmental reconstruction, and deep learning applications for single cell data.