09 Nov, 2017

Prof Jim Martin

Texas Heart Institute, Houston, Texas

Hippo Signalling in Heart Regeneration


Jim Martin is a Professor at the Baylor College of Medicine and Vivian L. Smith Chair in Regenerative Medicine (Houston, Texas, United States). His laboratory is interested in understanding how developmental pathways are connected to adult tissue regeneration. They are investigating the Hippo, Wnt, and Bmp-signaling pathways for developmental and regenerative capabilities. Their goal is to obtain an in depth understanding of these pathways in order to develop ways to regenerate heart muscle and craniofacial bone.


Professor Jim Martin’s research is aimed at understanding how Wnt, Bmp, Hippo and other signalling pathways are related to development and tissue regeneration. The ultimate goal of his studies is to obtain an in-depth understanding of these pathways in order to develop ways to treat congenital diseases and regenerate heart muscle and other adult tissues. Toward that end, he has recently discovered that Hippo signalling is a critical repressor of adult heart regeneration. Prof Martin’s lab has worked with single cell transcriptomics for the past three years and has developed the expertise to perform and analyse data.

Special Speaker – Prof Jim Martin flyer (PDF)