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23 Feb,2017

Industry led consortium accelerates regenerative medicine sector

An industry-led consortium is set to begin projects that will link industry partners with regenerative medicine academic research and boost the growth of this emerging sector. The consortium, called the Regenerative Medicine Industry Interface, will accelerate commercialisation and translation of academic research into products and solutions for industry, says Dr Matthew Nussio, Manager of Industry […]

08 Feb,2017

In the spotlight – studying at ARMI

ARMI students have the best of both worlds – the support and interactions of a research institute and the facilities and services of a large university. Jane McCausland, Student Programs Coordinator, says this helps to make ARMI a first-choice destination for students. “We are relatively small and I’m very ‘hands on’ with our students. Because […]

02 Feb,2017

Everyone loves a giant cheque

To end 2016, ARMI celebrated its first ever crowd funding for Muscular Dystrophy research – with a cheque presentation. ARMI partnered up with the crowd funding team Charidy to successfully beat an initial target of $10,000 while fundraising for a new qPCR machine late last year. The crowd funding campaign relied on three generous ‘backers’, […]

06 Dec,2016

Spine-stitching fish may help paralysed patients

First appeared in Cosmos Magazine, by Angus Bezzina, 4 November 2016 They may not look like much, but these little fish can regenerate their spinal cord, even when it’s completely cut. Credit: Matteis / Look At Sciences / Getty Images Much like the Colonel Sanders’ 11 herbs and spices, zebrafish have a secret recipe of their own – one […]

23 Nov,2016

Regenerate Newsletter – Spring Edition 2016

Here are just some of the highlights for ARMI in the second half of 2016: ARMI and Monash just ran their first ever crowd funding campaign for Muscular Dystrophy research – and it was a huge success! ARMI PhD Danni Ratnayake talks about her experience of volunteering at International Biofest 2016. Congratulations go to ARMI […]

14 Nov,2016

Group leader Susie Nilsson now a Professor

Congratulations go to ARMI group leader, Susie Nilsson, who recently became a Professor. In what has been a personal goal for some time, Susie’s ascension to the role of Professor highlights her belief that you can find a happy balance between a career and family life as a scientist. In an industry that can be […]

09 Nov,2016

ARMI’s first crowd funding campaign success

In July, we had four students from the Monash Global Science Challenges course approach ARMI about a crowd funding campaign – a first for ARMI and Monash. This group of extraordinary students, with the help of the team here at ARMI, created a 24-hour crowd funding campaign to raise much needed funds for a qPCR […]

07 Nov,2016

PhD gains fresh perspective after International Biofest

ARMI PhD Danni Ratnayake, talks about her experience of volunteering at International Biofest 2016. I’m currently in the second year of my PhD with the Currie Group at ARMI. A few months back I saw the opportunity to take part in a conference that was different to the usual scientific conferences we attend as academic […]

06 Nov,2016

The many faces of Robin Hobbs

The literary inclined among you will realise that Robin Hobbs shares his name with a renowned fantasy novelist. What you may not know is that he also shares his name with an English leg spinner of the late 60s/early 70s. While there are many Robin Hobbs, there is only one in the world of science […]

03 Nov,2016

Multiple sclerosis researcher a lover of native species

The latest addition to the ARMI family is Toby Merson. He and his team joined the Institute in early October and will principally be involved in research that may further our understanding of multiple sclerosis. In his spare time, Toby loves spending time in the great outdoors. One of his keen interests is working on […]