The Chow group is interested in the study of heart valve development, disease, and regeneration. The lab develops novel micromanipulation methods to perturb mechanical forces in the zebrafish heart and combines these methods with computational modelling, live imaging, and genetics to uncover the role of mechanical signals caused by heartbeat and blood flow on heart valve biology.


Video above: Blocking blood flow by inserting a bead into the heart stops the valve leaflet from being released during embryonic development. Note that the valve leaflet opens and closes during heartbeat in the control embryo (left panel) but remains stuck to other cells in embryos where a bead has been inserted.

Group Members

Research Themes

  • Heart valve development, disease, and regeneration
  • Mechanobiology
  • Cell-based therapies (endothelial progenitor cells)

Featured Publications

Authors Title Published In

Zhang, R. J., Vermot, J., Gherardi, R., Fukui, H. and Chow, R. W.

Calcium Signal Analysis in the Zebrafish Heart via Phase Matching of the Cardiac Cycle. 

Bio-protocol 14(10): e4989. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.4989. (2024)

Chow RW, Fukui H, Chan WX, Tan KSJ, Roth S, Duchemin AL, Messaddeq N, Nakajima H, Liu F, Faggianelli-Conrozier N, Klymchenko AS, Choon Hwai Y, Mochizuki N, Vermot J.

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Fukui H, Chow RW, Xie J, Foo YY, Yap CH, Minc N, Mochizuki N, Vermot J.

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Cairelli, AG, Chow RW, Vermot J, Yap CH.

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Chow RW, Lamperti P, Steed E, Boselli F, Vermot J.

Following Endocardial Tissue Movements via Cell Photoconversion in the Zebrafish Embryo.

J. Vis. Exp (132), e57290, doi:10.3791/57290 (2018)

Chow RW, Almeida AD, Randlett O, Norden C, Harris WA.

Inhibitory neuron migration and IPL formation in the developing zebrafish retina.

Development. 142(15):2665-77 (2015)

More Publications

Authors Title Published In

Lam YT, Hsu CJ, Simpson PJL, Dunn LL, Chow RW, Chan KH, Yong ASC, Yu Y, Sieveking DP, Lecce L, Yuan J, Celermajer DS, Wise SG, Ng MKC.

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