Imagine a world where the body has the ability to regenerate back to health? A world without: 

• Cancer 
• Diabetes 
• Heart diseases 
• Arthritis 
• Neurotrauma in the brain, such as stroke or blindness 
• Parkinson’s disease 
• Alzheimer’s disease 
• Dementia
• MS (multiple sclerosis) 
• Leukaemia 
• Crohn’s disease

Without these diseases, how many loved ones, or friends and colleagues do you know who would still be alive today or be leading a much better life?

 “I want to live a long, happy and pain free life… and I want that even more for those I love. So ARMI’s next dimension medical science and development is one of the most effective charities in my opinion.”

 “The links with the best researchers around the world will lead to medical research breakthroughs that will start to change lives within 5–10 years. That’s why it’s in my cancer charities list.”

 “Even if I don’t see the benefits of this scientific research, I want ARMI to succeed for my children and grandchildren.”

YOUR GIFT now … is for discovery, possibility, for loved ones, friends and colleagues, for a world free of disease and injury.

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ARMI’s research in developing effective treatments for a range of currently incurable diseases, as well as neurotrauma and ageing, could help save millions of lives and communities world wide from being affected or destroyed by disease or injury.