A very warm welcome to ARMI’s Diversity & Inclusion website. 

ARMI’s staff and students come from over 20 countries of 30 different nationalities. 

To promote a working environment where everyone feels welcome, valued and equally respected, the institute’s own Diversity & Inclusion portfolio was created in 2019. ARMI’s staff and students all have a different journey, coming from different places and with diverse cultural backgrounds. An inclusive environment is crucial for ARMI’s scientific excellence, stimulating critical thinking and increasing the ability to work together. It takes continuous work to support those underrepresented in science, to provide a safe and positive environment, and to open dialogue on diversity awareness. 

By providing resources, tools and information, we aim to create a diverse, inclusive and equitable working place for people of all genders, cultures, ages, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education and national origin. We wish to celebrate each individual and the diversity of our institute to unleash everyone’s talent.

We welcome you.

Diversity and inclusion is at our core:

  • All cultures, genders, sexualities, health conditions and socioeconomic backgrounds are welcomed and valued
  • Research innovation is achieved through a diverse workforce of supervisors, staff and students
  • Mentoring and support of students and staff to work collaboratively is fostered to help everyone achieve their best
  • Initiatives that embrace diversity, inclusion and respect are constantly sought after

We recognise:

  • All genders
  • The LGBTQIA community
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Mental Health initiatives
  • Disability
  • Indigenous culture and issues