NextGen ReGen

05 Aug,2019

NextGen ReGen

The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) is excited to announce the launch of the ‘#NextGenReGen’ student recruitment campaign. We are looking to recruit the best and brightest from across Australia and the world to spearhead vital regenerative medicine projects with our internationally-renowned research groups.

ARMI is here to nurture the next generation in regenerative medicine- we believe in supporting young, creative and emerging scientists as they enter the field of biomedical and bioengineering research. The ‘#NextGenReGen’ student recruitment campaign is designed to inform, inspire and encourage students to join the institute and learn how they can begin or continue an enriching and rewarding career in the field of regenerative medicine research.

With the boundless potential of regenerative medicine to address some of society’s biggest health issues, including cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disorders, it has never been a more exciting time to dive into the world of stem cell and regenerative medicine research. At ARMI, we are dedicated to unlocking the regenerative capabilities of the human body.

As a part of our mission, we have developed a rich and diverse student program, offering opportunities to undergraduate, Honours, Masters and PhD students. Being one of the largest regenerative medicine and stem cell research hubs in the world, ARMI’s group leaders are at the forefront of their fields investigating some of the greatest mysteries of the human body with cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

With local and international collaborations with academia and industry, ARMI is primed to support students in expanding their research horizons, in deepening their skills toolkit, and in preparing them for the next, fast-approaching stage of translating research findings, bringing new treatments from the bench to the bedside, and in having an impact on the lives of patients.

Being a part of Monash University allows ARMI students to be embedded in both research and student campus life with a wide breadth and depth of opportunities to support and participate in initiatives that go beyond the lab. This is particularly unique to ARMI and is a rare and valuable opportunity.

The ‘#NextGenReGen’ student recruitment campaign will launch on August the 6th 2019 and will be featured across ARMI’s website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts. We will share the opportunities of our student programs, ARMI’s groundbreaking research and the stories of current students.

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