Sonya Walker: Taking Ideas to the Global Community

03 May,2018

Sonya Walker: Taking Ideas to the Global Community

At ARMI, our research capabilities are our greatest strength- bringing together the best minds to tackle some the most difficult issues in regenerative medicine. But behind the lab bench, a different sort of research takes place; one that empowers our scientists and generates opportunities through advocacy and promotion. The Institute’s Leadership Advisory Board is one of them (ARMILAB) ‑ and its youngest member, Sonya Walker, is excited to take part and help researchers.

With experience as the former Vice President and Head of Cloud Services at SAP (Asia Pacific Japan), and Consulting Services Sales Director and Government Advisor at Oracle, a world leader in IT software, Sonya has combined her learning in Science and passion for IT to help instigate major initiatives in her various roles. Her unique IT skill set has allowed her to navigate complex organisational systems and cut through the complexity of them to achieve change.

“When you talk to scientists, they’re fabulous in what they do and their skills are incredible” commented Sonya. “As part of ARMILAB I want to help in whatever way I can to bridge the gap between business and science and create new opportunities”.

As a member of ARMILAB (chaired by Professor Janine Kirk), Sonya works with the rest of the board to enhance the reputation and positioning of ARMI by liaising with key stakeholders such as business, government, media and the broader community. Through advocacy, mentoring and the contribution of experience and insight, Sonya and the rest of the ARMILAB members work to promote the institute, about which they are very passionate. 

For Sonya, her contribution takes the form of empowering scientists by utilising technology and scientific analytical software to its full potential. She is currently working with Mirana Ramialison and her lab. “I want to leverage expertise to drive business outcomes,” commented Sonya. “For Mirana and her lab, the most limiting factor in bioinformatics is the quality and quantity of data. I’m looking at trying to help them develop new statistical analysis software to improve the speed, accuracy and quality of scientific breakthroughs.”

Going forward, Sonya is looking forward to searching for younger board members and a cohort of potential investors for ARMI. By leveraging her contacts in the technological community to help scientists, Sonya is passionate about giving back and showcasing ARMI to the global community. “They’re doing so much and its truly world class and I’m honoured to be involved to take that to the world.”

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