ARMI celebrates scientists during National Science Week

19 Aug,2016

ARMI celebrates scientists during National Science Week

It’s National Science Week, and at ARMI we could not be prouder of our amazing team of scientists, technicians, students, affiliates and administrative team who embody the spirit of ARMI. It is this group of talented and dedicated individuals who are working to unlock the regenerative capability of the human body. Our 77+ strong team of scientists boasts 15 research groups, making us one of the largest regenerative medicine and stem cell research hubs in the world.

At ARMI we celebrate our commitment to educating and training our young scientists, with a strong focus on mentoring the next generation of ARMI science leaders. We feel it is important to invest in, and nurture Australia’s innovation workforce, with the focus to keep Australia at the forefront of science and technology. 

To facilitate such a lofty goal, ARMI actively recruits young, creative scientists from all corners of the world to share and inspire differing approaches to some of the most perplexing biological questions of the 21st century. In 2015 alone there were 15 honors, and 23 PhD students enrolled in ARMI programs. These scientists are highly motivated and nurtured in a collaborative working environment to approach complex biological problems with ingenuity and passion. 

National Science Week provides us the opportunity to recognize all involved in the research process at ARMI, and to celebrate their achievements. It is the efforts of these individuals that allow ARMI to remain a crucial player on the worlds scientific stage. 

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