Dr Amarjit Gill: Combining entrepreneurship and passion in health

06 Nov,2023

Dr Amarjit Gill: Combining entrepreneurship and passion in health

Combining his clinical experience in dentistry and his entrepreneurial spirit, Dr Amarjit Gill has become a distinguished executive leader and global key opinion leader. He has recently joined ARMI’s Development Engagement Committee (DEC) with over two decades of invaluable experience in driving organisational growth and implementing strategic initiatives, achieving substantial revenue growth, and establishing key industry alliances. 

Amarjit’s career began when he completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery studies, which he has since built upon with a Membership of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (MGDP), and Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS, RCPS). With a number of years of experience under his belt, Amarjit took up roles such as Chief Dental Officer at a private dental practice, and Chief Dental Advisor at Philips. His next major career milestone was founding and managing Smiles Ahead Ltd., a business consultancy with a diverse clientele. 

“Well, my career journey has been a bit like climbing a mountain – challenging, rewarding, and full of unexpected twists and turns,” Amarjit commented. “I’d say my greatest achievements have been proving disbelievers wrong. It’s like turning a frown into a smile, but with numbers and a dash of leadership!” 

Growing his skills and knowledge in business management, operational excellence and organisational strategy, strategic thinking and leadership, Amarjit joined the Boards at a number of companies and organisations. Here, he has provided and continues to provide feedback and guidance to executive teams, mentored employees and engaged important stakeholders, all with the goal of moving forward, expanding and innovating.  

Now, he has come to ARMI. Amarjit said, “My interest [in regenerative medicine] was sparked by my fascination with understanding the body’s incredible ability to heal itself. So, imagine a little bit business savvy mixed with a genuine passion for spreading more smiles in people’s lives from researchers to patients. That’s what I bring to the table! I want to help ARMI’s groundbreaking work and see that it continues to improve lives of humanity in such a profound way.” 

With his unique blend of business acumen and “a genuine passion for helping people smile more in their daily lives,” Amarjit hopes to help ensure that “ARMI’s groundbreaking work continues to thrive” and add value to people’s lives with the DEC. Indeed, his ability to “spot the same things everyone else sees but to cook up a different recipe when life throws lemons at us” will be a great asset to ARMI, as will his zest for life.  

“My personal motto is: Work hard, play harder. It’s a constant reminder that professional success is essential, but so is savouring the precious moments in our limited time on this planet.” 

Welcome Amarjit! 

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