Luke Belfield: Bringing Diverse Experience To ARMI’s DEC

14 Apr,2020

Luke Belfield: Bringing Diverse Experience To ARMI’s DEC

It’s been a busy time for the Development Engagement Committee (DEC) as we welcome yet another member to its ranks. Today, ARMI is excited to welcome Luke Belfield!

First and foremost, Luke is an experienced infrastructure professional. His ambitious nature has led to over 15 years of experience across numerous fields, with qualifications in mechanical engineering, computer science, business administration and accounting. This extensive and varied experience has prepared him well for his current position as the Director of Asset Strategy and Projects, and Acting Victorian Chief Engineer within the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

“From a young age, I always had an interest in science and solving problems. To me, engineering was an obvious calling and starting point in my professional career. As I have developed professionally, I have sought out opportunities to make a bigger impact and help solve some of society’s complex and important challenges.”

Luke’s diverse career has seen many great achievements, having worked on a range of projects in several different industries, many of which have real-life impact on communities. Among the most memorable, Luke mentions his project winning an industry innovation award for upgrading a water quality treatment plant in Canberra, as well as acting as an advisor for governments and clients on risky projects or ambitious strategies.

“They are all memorable, and certainly all were challenging and interesting!” Luke explained, “A lot of successful innovations comes from applying what is best practice in one industry or country and adapting it to apply in another.”

Indeed, Luke’s talents and skills have been recognised at a national level. In 2019, he was included in ‘Australia’s Top 100 most influential engineers’ as determined by Engineers Australia. Luke believes one of his most valuable skills is his ability to shape decision-making by simplifying the complex to make knowledge more attainable and relevant to non-subject matter experts.

“This requires ability and experience in effectively communicating with different professions, cultures and industries, patience to provide advice at the right time and a deep understanding of a breadth of the different subject matter.” Luke added, “Diversity is also needed to achieve better decision making and outcomes through sourcing a wider range of approaches to a problem, experiences, thinking and skills.”

Luke is looking forward to bringing his diversity in experience and qualifications to ARMI’s DEC where he hopes he will help to translate the needs and ambitions of ARMI better to attract broader support. For some time now, Luke has had an interest in personalised medicine and regenerative medicine research.

“My interest in regenerative medicine was piqued from the idea of potential scientific applications from a better understanding of how the body develops and repairs itself. It is extremely novel and exciting.”

We look forward to having Luke involved in our future DEC discussions and activities!


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You can find Luke Belfield on Linkedin here.

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