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19 Oct,2020

ARMI’s Leaders of Science and Science Communication

Communication is a key aspect of having a career in science. Whether it be presenting research to peers at a conference, explaining projects to one’s grandparents or appealing to the greater public to support research. This very fact has not changed for many decades, but what has changed is how we communicate. Papers and posters […]

24 Aug,2020

Duncan Thomson: From Veterinarian Science to the Regenerative Medicine Industry

ARMI is pleased to welcome Duncan Thomson to our Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), where he joins a distinguished list of regenerative medicine and biotechnology experts. Duncan brings a unique breadth and depth of expertise to the IAC, with a career spanning over 25 years and several different countries. With his experience in practice (as a […]

14 Apr,2020

Luke Belfield: Bringing Diverse Experience To ARMI’s DEC

It’s been a busy time for the Development Engagement Committee (DEC) as we welcome yet another member to its ranks. Today, ARMI is excited to welcome Luke Belfield! First and foremost, Luke is an experienced infrastructure professional. His ambitious nature has led to over 15 years of experience across numerous fields, with qualifications in mechanical […]

07 Apr,2020

Dr Chris Sotiropoulos: The Ambition To Change The World Through Innovation

ARMI is pleased to welcome Dr Chris Sotiropoulos to our array of subject matter experts on the Development Engagement Committee (DEC)! Chris has over 25 years of global expertise in the commercialisation of innovative healthcare and IT products, bringing ambition and experience to the DEC. Chris is a ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’ with not only a PhD in […]

17 Mar,2020

Linda Somerville: Bringing passion and experience to ARMI’s Industry Advisory Committee

ARMI is pleased to welcome Linda Somerville as the newest member to the Industry Advisory Committee! Linda is an experienced cellular biologist with a long-standing passion for science and technology, having worked in both academia and industry across many different countries. But what sets Linda apart is her humanist and holistic perspective, which brings a […]

11 Apr,2019

Heart Research Transplant: From Brazil to Australia

Hailing from Brazil, Luana Santos is in the midst of a PhD at the University of São Paulo, investigating the molecular mechanisms that drive heart development. To this end, Luana has made the long journey to Australia to spend one year under the supervision of Dr Mirana Ramialison at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI). Here, she hopes […]

27 Mar,2019

Alzheimer’s disease: How ARMI Scientists are Working to Find New Treatments

Here at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, we’re investigating the potential of regenerative medicine to treat, and hopefully, one day, reverse neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, a condition that usually affects the brain as we get older. With approximately 305,000 Australians suffering from the disease, it’s […]

27 Mar,2019

From A to B: ARMI and Beirut Researchers Collaborate to Unlock the Genetic Mysteries of Congenital Heart Disease

Last month, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) was delighted to host Dr Elie Sawan, the principle Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon from Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr Sawan delivered an amazing talk to ARMI and Monash University researchers, discussing his work in the field of congenital heart disease. Highlighted in his presentation was how his […]

25 Feb,2019

The Future of Medicine: Regenerative Medicine (Part I)

Regenerative medicine is an exciting and quickly emerging field. By harnessing the bodies own regenerative capabilities, regenerative medicine scientists seek to understand how we treat injuries and diseases from broken bones to neurodegenerative diseases. Conveniently, humans are already equipped with some of their own regenerative capabilities. For example, the liver is able to regrow to […]

25 Feb,2019

New Treatments, New Opportunities, New Potentials: Why We Study Regenerative Medicine (Part II)

The principles of regenerative medicine can be theoretically applied to any cell type in the body. This means that regenerative medicine holds the potential to treat most illnesses, conditions and diseases. Specifically, regenerative medicine can be used to grow or repair organs, whether it be in the context of congenital disease, physical injury or aging. […]