Introducing new open access journal – npj Regenerative Medicine

20 May,2015

Introducing new open access journal – npj Regenerative Medicine

Nature Publishing Group has partnered with Monash University, Australia to publish npj Regenerative Medicine, a new open access research journal that will explore the potential of organisms to restore and regenerate damaged cells, tissues and organs.

The study of regenerative medicine has the potential to help scientists and clinicians devise early-intervention treatments for traumatic injury or degenerative diseases, by regrowth or replacement of cells or tissues. The use of stem cells to repair damaged heart disease is one potential use of regenerative medicine. The open access format of the journal means that all articles will be free to read upon publication, enabling greater reach to the wider community interested in this topic, especially clinicians.

Professor Nadia Rosenthal, Director of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), based at Monash University, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the new journal.

Professor Rosenthal said the journal will enable researchers to keep abreast of global developments in regenerative medicine.

“The recognition of the need for a high impact journal dedicated to regenerative medicine is testament to its potential to revolutionise the way we treat, manage and prevent a wide variety of conditions. npj Regenerative Medicine will feature original discoveries and innovative applications of scientific knowledge that work towards advances in human health and welfare,” she said.

“As Editor-in-Chief I also hope this journal will provide a useful mechanism for researchers, enabling them to connect and collaborate globally to further accelerate this exciting field of medical science,” Professor Rosenthal said.

Martin Delahunty, Global Head of Partnerships, Open Research at Nature Publishing Group said: “From stem cells to spinal cords, regenerative medicine is a fascinating field, full of potential for real-life clinical applications. Monash University has a fantastic record for work in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell research, and we’re looking forward to the first issue of our new open access journal, npj Regenerative Medicine.”

The journal’s home page can be found here and is open for submissions now.

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