ARMI leads the way to fast tracking regenerative medicine therapies with international initiative

27 Feb,2017

ARMI leads the way to fast tracking regenerative medicine therapies with international initiative

ARMI is leading the way with a new initiative to commercialise products and therapies based on regenerative medicine and cell therapy research.

The new Centre for Commercialisation of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) Australia builds on a proven and successful not-for-profit model from Canada, says Mr Silvio Tiziani, Chief Operating Officer of ARMI.

“ARMI has an internationally recognised track record in regenerative medicine and success in working with international organisations including the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and Japan’s Systems Biology Institute to establish their Australian operations. This gives us the background and know-how to create new entities such as CCRM Australia,” says Silvio.

The CCRM in Canada approached ARMI to set up an Australian hub as part of the CCRM plans to establish a global network of hubs. CSIRO and Monash University were quick to understand the value of this and were early supporters. CCRM Australia will be independent but will form part of an international network with future hubs in the pipeline in Europe, Japan, Singapore and Israel.

Silvio says that one of the many advantages for the local regenerative medicine sector is that through CCRM Australia, Australia will have access to CCRM’s expertise and resources including venture capital funding and a large industry consortium.

“Academics will have access to leading international corporate partners, while industry will be able to link with researchers and facilities with state-of-the-art expertise. An additional feature will be a product development team with the licensing and regulatory expertise so critical to accelerating products into the market,” he says.

The CCRM model of operation is designed to overcome key bottlenecks that slow the application of regenerative medicine discoveries to real-world health problems.

The business model allows partners to accelerate their concepts and treatments through to clinical trials and the market. As an example, the Canadian CCRM bundled technologies and accelerated the company ExCellThera’s progress into clinical trials for treatment for people with blood cancers.

The Canadian CCRM has only been in operation for five years, but it is already a global commercial leader for regenerative medicine and cell therapies.

The Victorian and federal governments are supporting CCRM Australia, which will have a national focus but also benefit Victoria.

The Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Philip Dalidakis, said in a press release that the CCRM is a welcome addition to our local industry.

“Victoria is leading the country in medical technology and research, so it’s no surprise some of the world’s finest research institutes want to work with us here.”

You can keep up to date with CCRM Australia on Twitter.

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