ARMI partners with ReNerve for tissue engineering

30 Aug,2017

ARMI partners with ReNerve for tissue engineering

ReNerve is a biotechnology startup with tissue engineering technology which has been developed right here in Melbourne. The startup is working with ARMI and its unique laboratory facilities to further develop its technology.

Complementary skills

David Rhodes, Chief Scientific Officer of ReNerve and a member of the ARMI Leadership Board (ARMILAB), says embedding with ARMI makes sense for a company specialising in developing neural replacement and repair technologies.

“There’s a real opportunity to complement each other’s skills. ReNerve may draw on the scientific and research skills of ARMI staff, and ARMI may benefit from ReNerve’s experience moving from research to commercialisation,” he says.

“It’s an exciting time for discovery science. Sometimes innovation and ideas can spring from day-to-day interactions. Simply sharing the same space can lead to projects almost by chance.”

Collaboration is the future

Dr Rhodes sees collaboration as key to the future of the health sector.

“Working together is crucial for innovation in medical research. ReNerve is committed to building long-term relationships that are good news for regenerative medicine research,” he says.

“We hope these relationships will include involving Monash students in working with ReNerve. We’ll give them invaluable exposure to a commercial environment, and we’re sure they’ll bring a fresh approach and blue sky thinking.”

Quality of life for real people

ARMI and ReNerve share a clear focus for their scientific and clinical goals; improving the lives of real people.

“Quality of life for patients who’ve experienced nerve damage is the ultimate goal,” says Dr Rhodes.

“Whether it’s the result of an accident, disease or a tumour, advances in this field can mean real differences to quality of life. It reduces the risks and costs of infection, and could even lead to regain limb function. Together, we can change lives.”

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