Artists have arrived at ARMI

28 May,2017

Artists have arrived at ARMI

The ARMI Artist in Residence Program has begun, with four artists visiting the Institute.

Successful applicants have one week’s full access to the Institute, supervised access to labs, and can pick the brains of scientists at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine research for inspiration. A sneak peak of some of each of the artists’ works below: 

Barek, a street artist, was inspired by shark eggs, also known as a mermaids’ purse, the functionality and textural form of these previous gifts.
Sarah Dingwall, a glass artists from the Mornington Peninsula region – ARMI’s first artist in residence.
Christelle Hug was drawn to our wok on Pluripotent stem cells and has created two works of art inspired by what she has seen down the microscope.
Candice McGaw spent the week exploring the wonders of zebrafish embryology and watched a petrie dish of fish embryos over a week, documenting their many stages in stunning colour and form.

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