International bioinformatics competition proves high thinkability

23 May,2017

International bioinformatics competition proves high thinkability

Thinkable, an online innovation platform that allows organisations to source, showcase & celebrate the latest research from across the world, has joined forces with The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University, Centre for Systems Genomics at the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Bioinformatics to host their first global ‘Peer Prize’ for bioinformatics.

ARMI would like to congratulate everyone involved in the 105 received submissions, and more specifically Main Category prize winner Biowheel: interactive visualization and exploration of data from researchers at Rice University (Houston, Texas) and Student Category winner Malathi Dona (LaTrobe University, Australia) for her entry: Powerful differential expression analysis incorporating network topology for next-generation sequencing data.

“Over 500 verified researchers from 24 countries voted on their choice of the most interesting and exciting research. ARMI is honoured to have co-sponsored the prize money for the outstanding winners who received the most votes.” Says ARMI Chief Operating Officer, Silvio Tiziani.

The aim of the bioinformatics peer prize competition was to accelerate wider knowledge exchange and drive multi-disciplinary collaboration around the world, while celebrating the most exciting new discoveries as voted collectively by peers.

“Peer-review is the foundation for how science progresses society. In a world shifting towards ‘alternative facts’, peer review is an important fire-wall to vet knowledge that filters out myths, opinions or claims not based on reproducible evidence” says Thinkable founder Dr Ben McNeil.

“Our open peer prize model takes peer-review one step further and allows thousands of verified researchers to scrutinize ideas or knowledge, not just a few. We are excited to partner with ARMI, to support them and the wider global bioinformatics research community” says Dr McNeil.

“We see Thinkable’s novel open peer review competition approach to connecting and building a community of scientists and PhD’s a particularly attractive one. It aligns very closely with the ARMI’s philosophy of engagement, collaboration and translation in scientific knowledge” Says Silvio Tiziani

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