ARMI Annual Report 2022

04 Oct,2023

ARMI Annual Report 2022

No one emerged unscathed from the pandemic years and it has been especially difficult for students who had limited opportunities to reach their research goals and gain all the advantages of our on-site research environment. But our students and leaders showed remarkable resilience. Our research leaders did an outstanding job holding it all together so that in 2022, the Institute and our excellent research environment and outreach activities were able to re-emerge.

The quality of the research at the Institute continued to be extraordinary. In 2022, we built on the previous year with a raft of publications in high-impact journals. Professor Edwina McGlinn’s group had a standout year with three publications in Nature Communications as did Professor José Polo’s group with 13 publications, including in high-impact journals such as Nature Communications. We also achieved excellent results with our grant and fellowship applications.

In 2022, ARMI’s first start-up company was launched to develop novel therapies for the treatment of muscular dystrophies, based on research and intellectual property developed at the Institute. The establishment of the company, Myostellar, is a major step forward in commercialising our inventions, with invaluable support from Monash University’s commercialisation team.

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