Welcome Jenny Donelly to ARMI

31 Aug,2023

Welcome Jenny Donelly to ARMI

Jenny Donelly will join the ARMI Executive Team as the Senior Manager, External Strategy and Planning. As someone who is deeply experienced in navigating the challenges in both the university sector, and in health and medicine, Jenny is ready and committed to help ARMI achieve its goals.

Jenny had a number of corporate jobs in various cities across Australia, before joining the Monash University’s School of Rural Health in 2003. Reflecting on her time there, Jenny says “My greatest achievement was to develop my operations, finance and management skills with the School of Rural Health and then be appointed School Manager in 2016.” Here, Jenny was a fundamental part in building the school, with it beginning as a small operation in Gippsland to become the largest rural medical school in Australia. Jenny credits the school’s success to the “amazing and talented team of academic and professional staff” with whom she worked alongside.

While Jenny is currently semi-retired, she still has a keen interest in working at Monash University’s Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences. At ARMI, Jenny has found herself with the challenge of switching from a clinical focus to science. “It has been and continues to be a significant learning curve. Communication is important, and the team is very generous with sharing their knowledge and insights,” Jenny commented. With her expertise and experience, Jenny understands how to provide strategic guidance, finesse processes, strengthen collaboration and to facilitate communication to encourage greater cohesion and growth.

“The opportunity to work with the ARMI team for 6 months has allowed me to get a better understanding of the incredible work undertaken by the research teams,” she explains. Ultimately, the goal is the same: to improve health outcomes for patients. With that mission in sight, Jenny is ready to help catalyse the continuing evolution of ARMI.

Welcome Jenny!

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