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26 Apr,2019

The curious scientist: Alberto Roselló-Díez receives career development award

Alberto Roselló-Díez is right where he wants to be – at the frontier of science. The molecular biologist and Group Leader at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) is fuelled by a deep sense of curiosity; Alberto wants to understand the mysterious intelligence of limb and organ regeneration and how it can help humans. “When a […]

04 Mar,2019

Women Leaders of Regenerative Medicine

Today is International Women’s Day, a day that celebrates the achievements of women all around the globe and across the social, economic, cultural and political spectrum. This year, the theme of International Women’s Day is Balance for Better, which calls for a more gender-balanced world. To mark International Women’s Day, ARMI Group Leaders Professor Susie Nilsson (who […]

05 Sep,2018

ARMI’s ‘Dynamic Teenage Trio’ contends in iAwards for scientific device

A dynamic trio of year 11 students from the John Monash Science School (JMSS) have made waves within the scientific community. In collaboration with ARMI, the trio developed a movement inhibitor device to better analyse zebrafish models in research. The device, in recognition of its uniqueness and innovation, earned them a place at this year’s national iAwards as a […]

14 May,2018

Unlocking the Secrets of Skeletal Muscle Cells

Moving from Colombia eight years ago to study a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, Laura Galvis Vargas is a seasoned Melbournite. As a member of the Marcelle Group, Laura is undertaking her PhD in muscle regeneration research, and she is already renowned amongst ARMI for her passion for science and collaboration (facilitated by […]

03 May,2018

Sonya Walker: Taking Ideas to the Global Community

At ARMI, our research capabilities are our greatest strength- bringing together the best minds to tackle some the most difficult issues in regenerative medicine. But behind the lab bench, a different sort of research takes place; one that empowers our scientists and generates opportunities through advocacy and promotion. The Institute’s Leadership Advisory Board is one […]

29 Apr,2018

Claude Bernard – Looking back on an inspirational career in immunology

“I’ve had a wonderful career in science,” beams Claude, “I wish a lot of people the same pleasure of going to work every day like I have!” Claude always knew that he would have a career in science, but with a medical focus, “I knew early I didn’t want to do medicine as I knew […]

15 Mar,2018

Regenerative medicine through the lens of an artist

In 2017 we ran our first Artist in Residence program, inviting nine talented artists to each spend a week exploring the theme of regeneration whilst being immersed in the research environment. They experienced cutting edge science first hand, took part in experiments and picked the brains of our brilliant scientists. They were also allowed to […]

14 Mar,2018

The Science of Juggling: Mirana Ramialison on Research and Motherhood

Life of the female scientist will inevitably incur more career disruptions than that of their male counterparts. For Mirana, her disruption is a tug of war -albeit a good one- between her two loves; science and motherhood. Heading off for six months maternity leave in April, it’s a frantic time for Mirana at ARMI. Juggling […]

07 Nov,2016

PhD gains fresh perspective after International Biofest

ARMI PhD Danni Ratnayake, talks about her experience of volunteering at International Biofest 2016. I’m currently in the second year of my PhD with the Currie Group at ARMI. A few months back I saw the opportunity to take part in a conference that was different to the usual scientific conferences we attend as academic […]

05 Jul,2016

Wouter Masselink: reflections on doing a PhD at ARMI

Wouter Masselink was the first student to complete a PhD at ARMI after it opened its doors in 2009. If that isn’t an achievement in itself, it’s also worth noting that he’s been working in a postdoctoral position in Germany since October 2015.  After completing a Masters Degree at Utrecht University, Wouter came to Australia in 2011 to undertake […]